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Instagram selfieInstagram photo by Brandon Roulston. Photo Bender composition by Tim Brunet.

UWindsor Instameet Tips and Tricks
November 18, 2014

About UWindsor Instagram
The Instagram Channel is run by the Social Media Coordinator at the Office of Public Affairs and Communications.  You can view the latest UWindsor Social Media posts at

Getting Started
Mostly you will be using Instagram on your mobile device because the mobile app has more features then the desktop version.
The official source on how to use instagram can be found online.
The main features to review in settings include your privacy, sharing and notification settings.
You can take pictures or videos on Instagram.  The video can only be between 3 to 15 seconds.

Quick Tips
In difficult lighting shoot the picture in your phones camera mode first and then load your desired picture to Instagram.  To reset the meter for a picture on iphone, touch the screen where you want the iphone to adjust the lighting and the focus. 
Photo bursts are a great way to capture a moving subject and then get just the right smile.  On the iphone you can do a photoburst using the camera setting by holding the photo button down.  After you select the picture you want, load it on to Instagram.

Apps that are helpful

Photo Apps (IOS)

  • Pro HDR by eyeApps LLC works well for difficult lighting. Click here for an explanation of HDR.

    This would work well for pictures in CAW  (large windows) or in the quad on a day when there is sun and shade cutting through your shot.
  • Touch Retouch for iPhone and IPod works well when you need to retouch a picture and omit text, vandalized property, or people.
  • Photo Blender Blends photos together.

Shooting Video
Sometimes video can be shaky.  One way to stabilize videos is to use Hyperlapse and then slow the speed down to real time.  This feature seems to cut a much more stable video.

Here are a few purchases you might want to consider if you are getting serious about your Instagram account!

  • SD Card Reader This will enable you to load the pictures from your SD card or you can buy a cable that will go directly to your camera.
  • You can also consider purchasing a microphone.  "Blue Mikey" works pretty good you may want to try it at the store before purchasing the mic.
  • Olloclip makes a variety of easy to use lenses for wide angle, telephoto, macro, fisheye and more.

Tips for getting your pictures and videos on our channels!