About our Faculty

UWindsor faculty member teaching classJudy Bornais, experiential learning specialist in the Faculty of Nursing, leads a class in the Toldo Health Education Centre.

To understand how truly unique our faculty members are, look no further than Nursing Professor Judy Bornais. An experiential learning specialist, she helps to make sure that nursing students get hands-on education that properly prepares them to care for patients.

Last fall, she was named one of the province’s most outstanding university teachers by the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations.

OCUFA president Constance Adamson said one of the most striking things in the nomination materials is how often the word ‘love’ is used in comments from Bornais’ students.

“It is clear how strongly she connects with her students, and the awards committee was impressed with Prof. Bornais’ genuine love of teaching,” Adamson said. “Nursing is about compassion, and she lives this value in her classroom. This is the kind of passion we want to see in our teachers.”

At the University of Windsor, there are hundreds of professors like Bornais: they are world-renowned experts, cutting-edge researchers and patient, caring teachers. Every UWindsor alumnus tells a story about the professor who inspired them to choose their major, who guided them through a challenging project and who, after it was all over, became a lifelong friend. 

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