About Us

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Argumentation Studies addresses the principles & methods through which people reason collaboratively or competitively:

  • On any topic where information, knowledge, or claims conflict or are inconsistent
  • By which reasoners strive to persuade others through verbal or visual means

Expertise in argumentation provides unique & powerful training for a range of careers from human resources and conflict resolution to policy development, research, and education.

The interdisciplinary PhD program in Argumentation Studies:

To learn about the sort of research that goes on in the program and the decades of argumentation research at Windsor that it builds on, visit CRRAR. To join the mailing list for CRRAR events, write: crrar@uwindsor.ca.

For specific question about the PhD program, please write the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Hundleby, at argstudies@uwindsor.ca

Watch the TEDx UWindsor presentation by Dr. Hundleby: "Live to Argue Another Day." 

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