Welcome to Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science

The Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program is designed for highly motivated students who want a well-rounded and challenging education in the arts, social and natural sciences to prepare themselves for the ever-changing world of work in the 21st century. The Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program offers valuable experience and research skills for issues of personal and public concern.

Individualized Programs

Design your program to align your interests and career aspirations. The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences offers programs in the social sciences, social work, all of the fine arts and a robust selection of humanities. Our Faculty of Science offers laboratory experiences, research opportunities, and undergraduate thesis possibilities for many programs. You will choose 12 courses for your major and six courses for your minor area of study.


Arts & Science students with Dr. Wildeman

Prospective Arts and Science students speaking with Dr.  Wildeman

2017 Convocation

Student invited to speak at the 2017 Presidents Donor Appreciation
Breakfast to promote research at the University of Windsor

BASA bowling night social with BAS students