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Welcome to the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science.

As the Program Chair my main focus is to ensure that our students have all the tools and resources available to them in order to succeed. Many people wonder: What is the difference between the Arts and Science degree and other programs on campus? The BAS degree is unique in that it encourages students to think about issues from the sciences as well as social sciences, humanities, or arts perspective. The other thing that differentiates us is our high achieving students. This elite program is geared to students who have an entrance average of at least 80%. Our graduates excel in their areas of specialization and have wide-ranging career aspirations. Many of our alumni are currently taking post-graduate degrees in medicine or law, or doing MAs or PhDs. Some have gone on to use their BAS degree to pursue other interdisciplinary degrees such as Cognitive Science, Art Restoration, and Environmental Science. Others have found employment in law, medicine, and the teaching profession. Apart from the traditional employment our graduates are at the forefront of new careers in areas such as geo-environmental science and physicians' assistants, as well as working for government.

The BAS program is designed to ensure that students are free to pursue their interests in the Sciences as well as the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences in order to succeed in their chosen career.

The Interdisciplinary Arts and Science degree allows students to customize their degree. The following are the range of options available:

  • Major concentration with a minor
  • Double major concentration
  • Major concentration with a double minor

As long as students take at least 15 courses in each of the Sciences and FAHSS they can make any combination that suits their interests and career goals.

If you don’t see the particular combination you are interested, please let me know and I will endeavour to make it happen for you.
Lydia Miljan, PhD
Interdisciplinary Arts and Science Program Chair

Associate Professor
Political Science Department
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