Faculty Textbook Orders

There are two ways to place your course material orders with the Campus Bookstore.

Warning Symbol Phone orders will NOT BE ACCEPTED. The Campus Bookstore requires an online or E-Mail copy of your order.

Online Course Adoptions

The Online Course Adoption application enables faculty to select the textbooks which they require for their courses and notify the bookstore of their selection through the Campus Bookstore's website. As it is web-based, Online Course Adoptions can be accessed from anywhere, enabling professors and instructors to order their books for a new term without having to come into the store or even onto campus. In addition to adding new books to a course, the textbooks which were used for the course in previous semesters are listed by the Online Course Adoptions application, making it easy to adopt the same materials again.

Course Material Order Form

To successfully fill the course material order form below, please download the file and use Adobe Reader to complete this electronic form. Please ensure that you are using an updated version of Adobe Reader. Some browsers may limit the capabilities of filling out this form.