Refund Policy

You may contact the Campus Bookstore anytime to discuss our refund policies and procedures, or visit our website often for updated information as our policies may periodically change.

General Refunds

  1. All refunds or exchanges must be accompanied by the ORIGINAL receipt. (No Reprints)
  2. Books must be in pristine condition for a refund or exchange.
  3. Merchandise refunds will only be made in the original form of payment.
  4. Purchases made from the Campus Bookstore's online catalogue can either be refunded in person to the local Campus Bookstore or by mail (at customer's cost and risk) to the address printed on the receipt included with your shipment.
  5. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse any refund.

Warning SymbolPlease contact the Campus Bookstore prior to returning any products purchased online to determine credit eligibility.

Course Materials Refunds

  1. Refunds and/or exchanges for course materials (Law Acts included) will be accepted for
    • 2 weeks after the fall and winter semester begins.
    • 2 weeks after intersession and summer session begins.
  2. The deadline date appears at the bottom of your receipt and is posted on our website. Refunds are no longer accepted with drop slips after the deadline date.
  3. Courseware, Course Guides, Case Studies & Prepaid Access Codes are non-refundable.
  4. Books in plastic or shrink wrap packages may not be refunded if opened.
  5. Books with CD's or disks must be intact for a refund or exchange. If the seal is broken a refund or exchange will not be accepted.

General Reading

  1. General reading books may be refunded within 3 weeks after date of sale. (Includes Nursing Reference Books) There are no refunds on general reading study manuals, problem solvers and test preps. All refunded computer books have a $10.00 restocking fee. This is not applicable to the required computer course materials for course use.
  2. Special order books are non-refundable.

Computer Supplies, Hardware & Software

  1. Regular and non-warranty defective products can be refunded or exchanged no later than
    • 1 week for hardware
    • 2 weeks for software (Unopened) along with all accompanying package materials.
  2. No refunds on opened or unsealed calculator packages or ink cartridge packages.
  3. No refunds on software or hardware products if the package has been opened.

    Warning SymbolHardware NOTE: Customers are responsible for contacting manufacturer technical support to troubleshoot hardware devices prior to refund or exchange to the Campus Bookstore. You should be directed for the proper action to take by the selected manufacturer.

  4. All electronic products are not refundable unless defective and must meet manufacturer warranty specifications.
  5. Defective products are refundable under manufacturer warranty guidelines for replacement or exchange based on warranty restrictions and timeline.
  6. No refund on all Software if shrink wrap or security seals are broken. Some manufacturers may offer a money-back guarantee. Please visit corresponding manufacturer's web sites for qualifying information.

General Merchandise

  1. Refunds are accepted on general merchandise, providing it is in perfect resalable condition and still in original retail packaging.
  2. No refund/exchanges on all clothing after 3 weeks from the date of purchase indicated on your receipt.
  3. Undergarments and swim wear are non-refundable.
  4. Clothing that is washed or worn is non-refundable.
  5. Backpacks may be refunded or exchanged for up to 4 weeks after date of purchase, providing it is in perfect condition or there is a manufacturer's defect. After that time the customer must deal directly through the manufacturer for a refund or exchange.
  6. No Refunds/Exchanges on all prepaid access codes & cards.