Laptop Theft Prevention

Spend Time on Papers, Not Replacing Computers...

The STOP security plate is a patented, permanently affixed and bar-coded metal tag that actively deters equipment theft. STOP security plates mark equipment with a verifiable registration number, clear warnings, and indelible identification as stolen equipment that renders the equipment useless to a thief. It eliminates the reason for most theft—resale value.

The simplest, most cost-effective protection available, STOP security plates quickly and easily provide a lifetime of protection for your valuable equipment. By credibly delivering warnings against theft and verifiable weapons against its rationale, STOP security plates remove all incentive to steal your property. Further, the inclusion of a 24-hour recovery hotline telephone number provides an easy way for anyone who encounters stolen equipment to “do the right thing” and return protected items to their rightful owner.

To register, please fill out the STOP application (PDF format) and submit.

Campus Community Police will contact you to arrange a time to affix the plate. A small fee $13.00 is payable prior to the plate installation.