Bicycle Registration System

Your bike not only serves as your transportation, but it also represents your freedom and mobility. By registering your bike with the University of Windsor Campus Community Police, you gain an added edge if your bike is stolen—plus peace of mind knowing that all your information about your ride is preserved.

Survival Tips for your Bike:

Keeping your bike safe requires a bit of forethought and planning. Most thefts occur when the bike is an easier target. A bit of planning on your part may not guarantee that your bike or accessories won’t be stolen, but making your bike a harder target for thieves reduces the risk of theft.                 

The highest percentage of bikes stolen on campus are those with a lower-cost chain or cable-type locks. Though no lock can guarantee 100% protection, U-Bolt type locks seem to be the least targetted. One lock is always good, but consider two locks to deter theft.

  • Park and secure your bike in well-traveled areas if possible. The more people around, the more likely a thief will pass on to a less-conspicuous target.
  • Use a good quality locking device. Although no lock is undefeatable, the U-lock types seem to deter the most. Avoid cables and chains as locks, and most importantly, make sure the structure where you secure your bike is in fact, secure.
  • If your bike has saddle bags, don’t leave items of value inside them when parking your bike. Also, make sure that any valuable accessories (i.e. detachable lights/batteries) are securely fixed to the bike, or even removable and taken with you after you park.

Register your Bike

The B.R.S. (Bicycle Registration System) is a free service offered by the University of Windsor Campus  Community Police to combat bike thefts on the campus. The system serves to compile data on owners bikes. In the event of theft, critical information such as serial numbers and detailed descriptions of the stolen bike are preserved. This data is useful in the possible recovery of the bike and can be added to a Canada-wide computer network that designates and identifies stolen property.

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Confidentiality and Waiver

This service is simply for registration purposes only. The University of Windsor, its employees, and Campus Community Police assume no responsibility for ensuring the safety of personal property voluntarily listed in this system. Use and disclosure of the personal information provided by participants in connection with the services of the Campus Community Police Department is controlled. This personal information includes your name, contact information and nothing more. The information collected on this form is for loss prevention and property recovery purposes only. We will retain this information only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the above purposes.