Integrated Parking and Entrepreneurship Centre

Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre

“With this project, and with the downtown developments, the University is continuing to pursue better alignment with key partners in ways that can strengthen our commitment to teaching, research and community engagement.

This Wyandotte-California-Sunset facility will, along with the Centre for Engineering Innovation to the east and the Odette School of Business to the north, help us create a regional address for innovation for our community,” said Dr. Alan Wildeman, President and Vice-Chancellor. “It will also enable us to consolidate much of the parking on campus onto a significantly reduced footprint, and create opportunities to add more green space and provide land for future capital development.”

The project consists of two separate buildings that are connected by a second-story pedestrian bridge from the Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre to the parking structure. The Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre will become the new home of Campus Community Police, Parking Services, the Cross-Border Institute, a local branch of the Windsor Family Credit Union and other services and amenities that will enhance the campus experience.

The space on the second floor is dedicated to the Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre (EPICentre)a space for organizations that are engaged in innovation, enhancement of the community and working with UWindsor students, faculty and staff.

The exterior parking structure façade will use louvers, coloured glass and steel mesh to help screen the vehicles, but inside, each level will have unimpeded sight lines. “One of the important safety features of the parking structure design is the use of wide open space; you can see from one end to the other without any columns,” said Wildeman. He added that surveillance cameras and bright lighting would also be installed as standard safety features.