Sunset Avenue Closure / Turtle Island Walk - Zone 5

Turtle Island Walk was originally part of Sunset Avenue. The portion between University Avenue and Wyandotte Street was closed to vehicular traffic with the goal of transforming the street and nearby areas into a lively, public space that connects points of arrival, cross-campus pedestrian routes, and recreational activity.

The asphalt street, curb and sidewalks were replaced with a level pedestrian route featuring new lighting, patterned paving, large trees and more landscaping against the buildings.

Signage lining the new esplanade reflects the new name Turtle Island Walk.

Read the Daily News Article on the opening celebration.


Native Americans performing traditional dance from the Turtle Island Walk opening celebration

Current view of Turtle Island Walk

Architectural Rendering of Zone 5 Proposal

Architectural rendering of Zone 5 proposal

Architectural rendering of Zone 5 proposal