When do students start to pay the capital fee of $55M?

Students do not pay for the facility until the facility is open. A project of this magnitude is likely to take between three to four years to complete.

What is the capital contribution from the University of Windsor towards the project?

The LSRC is approximately a $73 Million capital project. The University has committed to paying 25% of the capital cost of this project. In addition, they will also cover 100% of the operating costs (heat, electricity, custodial, on-going maintenance).

This is approximately $1 million per year and increases with inflation. Hence, expected operating costs will amount to more than $50 million over the lifetime of the building.

What is the cost to the students?

  • The initial fee of $125 will not be applied until the building is fully open 
  • The fee increase over the first seven years will cap at $175.00
  • The current Sport and Recreation capital fee is $28.38 and increases with inflation until it expires in 2029
  • When the Sports and Recreation capital fee expires in 2029, it will be applied to this project. Therefore, the net increase in fees from 2029 to 2030 will be $0
  • Like the fee for the University student centre, there is no opt out

Students registered in the 2015-16 and 2016-17 academic years will receive a one-year free membership after graduation.