Co-op Hiring

Why hire a Windsor co-op student?

  • Cost-effective method of meeting your human resource needs. Ready-access to a source of highly motivated and enthusiastic personnel for short term projects.
  • Hiring Windsor co-op students allows you to recruit and evaluate prospective employees before they graduate.
  • Co-op can provide a fresh and innovative perspective to your workplace.
  • Year-round availability of highly motivated and highly qualified professional students.
  • A tax credit exists to help offset the cost of hiring a co-op student. Visit the Ontario co-operative education tax credit site for more information.

The hiring process

To begin your recruiting experience at Windsor:

After all the interviews are completed, you rank students in order of preference. At the end of the first round of postings, eligible students rank employers. The results are matched. To help us maintain the integrity of our matching process, please do not discuss your ranking decisions with candidates or make direct job offers before the initial interview phase match results are made available. The Employer Relations Coordinator will contact you when ranking results become available. Afterwards, the student(s) will contact you to discuss the start and end dates, directions to the workplace and other pertinent details.

Positions that are posted in the second round are offered to the students based solely on the employer's ranking. Matches are announced within 2 business days of employers submitting their rankings.

Our commitment to quality continues once you have hired; we keep in touch with you to ensure our co-op students continue to meet your expectations.