VIP Hiring

Why hire a Windsor volunteer internship student?

  • No fees or costs are associated with your participation in VIP.
  • Students can offer a fresh, innovative and intelligent perspective to the workplace.
  • Interns can work on special projects or can be incorporated into the daily routine of the work environment.
  • Gain access to highly motivated and productive volunteers.
  • VIP students are pre-screened for academic excellence and personal strengths, thus providing you with access to quality individuals.
  • Volunteers are matched to meet the expectations of the job description provided by your organization.
  • The Applied Learning Coordinator monitors the work performance of volunteer interns.
  • Contribute to the student's professional and personal development.
  • Participate in the education process by providing guidance and supervision.

The volunteer hiring process:

  • Provide 40 hours career-related work experience by outlining your needs and submitting a job description form through our online job posting system mySuccess.
  • Students select positions of interest through our mySuccess System.
  • Students will be matched for placements based on employer requirements and student interest and qualifications.
  • Employers have an opportunity to review resumes and rank students according to preference.
  • We contact employers whether or not a match has been made.
  • VIP students are available to start their volunteer placement in the beginning of February, June or October.
  • Students contact their selected organization to arrange for a meeting with the placement supervisor.
  • Student and employer jointly consult on Learning Objectives.
  • Employers complete a Final Evaluation and verify the student's record of hours on the student's last day.  
  • If at anytime an employer has problems or concerns, they are encouraged to contact the Applied Learning Coordinator.

Important dates:

Employers must submit VIP positions for consideration on mySuccess before the first month of the term:

  • Fall semester:  by September 1
  • Winter semester:  by January 1
  • Summer semester:  by May 1