Let go my Lego!


In the Fall 2015 semester I was given the opportunity to work for Brave Control Solutions, a local controls engineering firm. Brave Control Solutions was started in 2008 and is one of the fastest growing companies in Canada and has been for the last 8 years. They currently employ approximately 40 staff. Brave develops controls solutions and programs software for the automation industry. Some interesting projects they have worked on include stamping presses, robotic welding lines, gantries, foundries and automated parking garages.

During the first two months of my placement I was tasked with designing and building a fully functional automated Press & Transfer system…completely out of LEGO. The LEGO press imitates the mechanical design of the TR-12 stamping press, a stamping press that Brave retrofitted in Buffalo, NY. The LEGO Press contains approximately 7500 Lego pieces, 6 motors and two controllers. Brave’s intention with the LEGO press is to gather attention at technical trade shows and within the controls and automation industry. Brave also wants to use the LEGO press to inspire children and students within the community to pursue their studies and passions in math, science and engineering fields. I was given the opportunity to showcase the LEGO press at the FIRST LEGO League competition on December 5-6 where I demonstrated the capabilities of the press and answered student questions about not just the mechanics of the press, but also about the engineering field in general.

Morris Baker
Electrical Engineering Co-op