Spotlight Stories

Great Impressions!


Opportunities are there at all organizations if you are willing to work hard your efforts will be recognized.

Building Bridges!


My co-op experience has helped me improve my communication, contractual, presentation, managerial and technical skills in civil engineering. It has been an amazing experience working with personnel at all levels. 

Innovation at Work!


I am learning transferable skills that can be applied in any future endeavors. For example, I have gotten a chance to build and enhance my Microsoft Office skills, something that is valuable in any industry and any role. I have also gained knowledge of Human Resources as a whole and how it plays an important role in a company or workplace. 

Co-op has opened the "Gates" of opportunity for me!


As an engineering leader with a strong foundation in research and development, Gates is committed to advancing the science of motion performance by developing safe, forward-thinking products, services, systems, and solutions, as well as fostering long-term customer and employee relationships. 

Team is Everything


By taking part in this job I am building a portfolio of work that will help me when applying to post-graduate studies. I am also learning how to function in an office environment, and take the lead role on group projects under tight deadlines.

Connecting the future!


Richard has been an ENG camera operator, learning how to produce stories on location!

More than just tires!


This experience has provided me insight into being a professional marketer for an organization. 

Ready to be bold!


I think the hardest part about getting a job at a tech company like BlackBerry is getting the interview; over 10,000 students from around the world apply each term for the available 200 co-op positions.