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Graduate Faculty

Assistant Professor. B.A., York University; M.A., University of Windsor; Ph.D., University of Western Ontario

Research Interests/Teaching Areas: advertising and consumer culture; children’s media culture; media history; political economy of communication; Canadian media policy and regulation.

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Assistant Professor. B.A., M.A., University of Windsor; Ph.D., University of Western Ontario

Research/Teaching Interests: Web 2.0 and social Media; political economy of user-generated content;  photography and digital photography; autonomist Marxism; biopolitics; cultural studies with a particular focus on graffiti/street art.

Sessional Lecturer. B.A., M.A., York University; Ph.D., Simon Fraser

Research Interests/Teaching Areas: labour, technology & gender; culture and the natural environment; electronic surveillance; research methods.

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Associate Professor, B.A., McGill University; M.A., Université De Montréal; Ph.D., McGill University (Cross-appointed Graduate Faculty – SoCA).

Research Interests/Teaching Areas: the intersection of media and urban studies, new histories of Canadian media studies, the cross-border urban context of Detroit-Windsor, and artistic and cultural practices in other urban environments.

Associate Professor, B.A., Queens University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Alberta, (Cross-appointed Graduate Faculty – SoCA)

Research Interests/Teaching Areas: The intersections of visual cultures, cultural history, and “theory” with American history and memory.

Assistant Professor. B.A. Univ. of Windsor, M.A., Ph.D., University of Western Ontario

Research Interests/Teaching Areas: mobile and ubiquitous media; media theory; political economy of media; media audiences; data-enabled marketing and advertising; entertainment & cultural industries; sociology of technology; history of information and information systems; surveillance studies; consumer culture; regional innovation strategies.

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Faculty of Visual Arts

Area of Expertise:

Visual ArtPublic ArtVisual CultureNew Media, Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Film

Associate Professor. B.A., M.A., Univ. of Windsor; Ph.D., York University

Research Interests/Teaching Areas: political economy of media; critical (multi)cultural studies and media representation; critical pedagogy and educational philosophy/theory; advertising and consumer culture; popular culture; Marxist and Critical Theory; social movements; new media 

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Assistant Professor. B.A., University of Windsor; Post-Graduate  Certificate, Sheridan College; M.F.A., Columbia University.

Research Interests/Teaching Areas: Film and Video Production; Directing; Screenwriting; Producing; Acting; Interactive Media.

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Associate Professor. B.A., Delhi University; M.A., Cornell; Ph.D., University of Oregon

Research Interests/Teaching Areas: Indian popular, art, and diasporic cinema; gender, cultural, and postcolonial studies; film history.

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Professor. B.J., M.J., Carleton; Ph.D., Syracuse

Research Interests/Teaching Areas: communication, social justice and the common good; political economy of communication; sociology of news and entertainment media; media literacy; alternative media.

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