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Conference Travel Fund

Faculty of Graduate Studies Conference Travel Support Fund

Funds are available to full-time graduate students who have made presentations of their research at an academic conference.  The amount of each reimbursement will not exceed $500.00 CDN for travel within North America, and $750.00 CDN for travel outside of North America.


  1. Must show written proof that the presentation/poster was accepted by the conference organizers.
  2. Must have presented at the conference and must submit a completed Conference Travel Support Fund application to the Graduate Studies within 30 days of travel.
  3. Must be a full-time registered student at the time of the presentation at the conference.
  4. Master’s students are eligible for a maximum of one (1) reimbursement within the first 6 terms of registration.
  5. Doctoral students are eligible for a maximum of two (2) reimbursements within the first 12 terms of registration.

*note: if you received support under the previous Conference Travel fund program (pre-2014) it will be counted towards the allowances outlined in 4. and 5. above


Student submits the following documents to Graduate Studies:

  • Completed Application for Graduate Student Conference Travel Support Fund, signed by the student, advisor, and graduate coordinator (or department head)
  • Written proof of invitation or acceptance from the conference organizers
  • Copy of the final conference program (only the cover and pages containing the student name are required)
  • Signed Conference Travel Support Fund Expense Form
  • Original receipts
  • Boarding passes, or a copy of the mobile boarding pass

Claimable Expenses:

  1. Transportation:  Actual costs incurred (not mileage). These must not exceed economy airfare.
  2. Accommodation:  Room only; meals and beverages are not covered.
  3. Registration fees:  Separate costs of conference dinners or party events are not covered.


  • The travel expenses will be reimbursed directly to the student account, or in the case where the student received advanced funding from their research advisor, back to a research grant account. If funds are being reimbursed to a research grant indicate the 30-digit research grant number.
  • Please note that we no longer issue cheques for reimbursements. Once the reimbursement has been credited to the student account, a refund may be requested through UWinsite Student.

To download the application form or for more information about the application process visit the Graduate Student Conference Travel Support Fund Application Form page.

Readers Digest Conference Travel Fund

Additionally, Communication & Social Justice students presenting papers at conferences (or those simply wishing to attend a conference) may apply to the Reader's Digest Conference Travel Fund. Students presenting at a conference are given priority access to these monies. Applicants are granted funds according to the distance of the conference venue.

  • Less than 500 km: $300
  • 500-1000 km: $400
  • 1500 km - x: $500

Readers Digest Conference Travel Fund Form (.pdf)