Sports-Related Concussion Centre team members

The Sport-Related Concussion Centre (SRCC) at University of Windsor is dedicated to assisting in the management of sports-related concussions incurred by athletes at the University of Windsor.

As a collaborative effort between faculty in the Clinical Neuropsychology Area in the Psychology Department and the University Sport Medicine team in the Green Shield Sport Therapy Clinic, the SCC provides services to athletes, training to Clinical Neuropsychology students in concussion management, and research to help improve the quality of these services.

In addition to services for athletes at the University of Windsor, the SRCC is also committed to improving concussion management in the Windsor-Essex area. Current efforts include providing education within the community and a partnership with the Sun Parlour Female Hockey Association to provide baseline assessments and concussion management.

The SRCC team includes a team physician (Dr. J. R. Coates), two athletic therapists (Dave Stoute and Natalie Paladino), and two faculty in the Clinical Neuropsychology area in the Psychology Department (Drs. Chris Abeare and Joe Casey).  More information about the SRCC team

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