Why Windsor? Student Testimonials

Many universities and educational organizations offer AQ, ABQ and PQP courses, so you may be asking yourself... Why Windsor?

The University of Windsor's AQ program is of the highest quality. All courses are not only developed by but also taught by experts in the field. Most are either department heads or consultants in the area that they are teaching.

Accreditation! All courses offered by UWindsor are OCT accredited courses!

Need more? Below are testimonials from current students in our AQ or ABQ Courses.

Special Education, Part 1

"Every teacher should take Special Education Part 1 through Windsor University. In a society where exceptional students are being identified more frequently, it is of the utmost importance that we all understand the hardships facing these students and strive to create lessons that not only includes all students but ensures academic success. Special Education Part 1 guides you through the process of identifying exceptional students and setting them up for achievement within the school, classroom, and the community. With great teachers, informative lectures and assignments, Windsor University is the only choice for me."

Kym Rubenstein, Special Education Part 1 student

"The University of Windsor AQ courses have helped build not only my knowledge in the field of teaching but also my confidence in the art of teaching. Through the online discussions, and easy-to-use platform that the University of Windsor uses, connections are made by teachers across the province giving different perspectives on issues faced within classrooms across Ontario. I would highly recommend the University of Windsor in pursuing ongoing professional learning in the very diverse qualifications that they have to offer."

Christopher Di Lorenzo, Special Education Part 1 Student

"The University of Windsor offers a wide variety of online AQ courses. I am currently taking Special Education Part 1 with Prof. Gebrail, and enjoying the learning process every step of the way. The online format allows you the flexibility to complete assignments and participate in a dialog with fellow classmates in your own time. Not only do you learn from the course material and the professors' feedback but you also learn from others in the class through discussion boards. Even though this is an online course, you never feel isolated or left behind, there is a clear positive and supportive forum created within the course, where ample opportunity to learn and grow from others occurs. I highly recommend taking AQ courses at the University of Windsor."

Alyson Nesseth, Special Education Part 1 Student

Note: We will be highlighting one course with student testimonials monthly.