Additional Qualification (AQ) Courses for Teachers

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A University of Windsor AQ course could be just what you need to:

  • enhance your OCT Certificate of Qualification
  • open up doors to more teaching opportunities
  • increase opportunities for career progression within your school board, or
  • improve your teaching practice by learning the latest pedagogical techniques in your subject area.

Our AQ courses:

  • meet the highest quality standards
  • are accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers
  • are designed and delivered by experienced instructors
  • are offered in multiple formats to accommodate your busy lifestyle, including fully online, blended (partially online) or on-site modes of delivery.   

Candidates have given strong, positive course and instructor evaluations. They also report a great satisfaction with the ease and facilitation of the online learning management system.

UWindsor offers over 80 online AQ, ABQ and PQP courses to help you achieve your goals as an educator.

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Important Dates

  • Fall 2018 Registration: Opens June 29, 2018 and closes September 9, 2018
  • Fall Semester Duration:  Courses start September 24, 2018 and end December 8, 2018.*
  • Winter 2019 Semester Registration:  Registration will be posted soon.

*Please refer to your course description for full details.

Please contact us at or 519-253-3000 ext. 6734 if you have any questions related to AQ, ABQ or PQP courses. However, we kindly encourage you to review the AQ Frequently Asked Questions page first.

Registering for an Honour Specialist or ABQ Intermediate or Senior course?

Previous study in the subject area will likely be required. Please be sure to send us a scanned copy of your transcript prior to registering for an Honour Specialist or ABQ Intermediate or Senior course. Once we review your transcript we can then inform you whether you have the required amount of prerequisite courses to be eligible.

You will be subject to a $100 non-refundable administration fee if you register prior to receiving this approval and are required to withdraw due to the lack of prerequisites. Please submit your transcript to and clearly specify in that email the course(s) for which you are seeking approval.

NOTE: For certain ABQ courses at the intermediate level, no undergraduate credits are required.