AQ Forms

Confirmation of Teaching Experience Form

Open the Confirmation of Teaching Experience Form (PDF format)

This form will verify your teaching experience required to take a Part 2, a Specialist, an Honour Specialist or the Principal's Qualification Program. A superintendent's signature is required for this confirmation.  

Once completed, please email this form to The form must be submitted prior to the start date of the course.  

PLEASE NOTE: Teaching experience must be completed from the date of the initial certification and PRIOR to the first day of the course.

Credit Card Transaction Form

Open the Credit Card Transaction Form (PDF format)

Please use this form if you wish to pay for your course by credit card AFTER you have already registered for the course.  Please note that if you wish to pay by credit card at the time of initial registration, you will be able to do so through our quick and easy online checkout process. 

PLEASE NOTE: Payment must be received before you can be admitted for enrolment into the course.

Refund Request Form

Open the Refund Request Form (PDF format)

Please use this form if you have withdrawn from a course and require a refund.  

Once completed, please email your Credit Card Transaction Form or Refund Request Form to the email address pertaining to your course of study.