What to Expect

On the first day

On the start date you will also receive a welcome letter from your instructor containing the following information: 

  • How to access the Learning Management System called Blackboard.
  • Your user ID and password to get into this system.
  • Information about the Navigation Bar within the Workshop.

Textbook purchase

Required materials and textbooks can be located on the course website. For purchase, please contact the University bookstore:

University of Windsor Bookstore
1-800-263-1242 (Canada Only)

Online System

CEPE and the University of Windsor uses Blackboard for all online workshops (more information about Blackboard).

During the Course

Instructors will provide additional information at the start of the workshop regarding due dates for assignments and postings as well as time to spend on each module. You are asked to review all the modules at the start so that you can determine your time accordingly and not run the risk of being overwhelmed.

Instructors will also be in a position to give you feedback on postings or to provide advice on an ongoing basis. They will also be able to monitor your time spent on discussions, so it is important for you to be on consistently in order to achieve a positive outcome.

At the End of the Course

Instructors will expect that all assignments are postings have been submitted. Failure to do so will result in poor grades or failure. Participants will eventually be able to see their grades online.

CEPE also asks participants to evaluate their Instructor.