Co-op Fees & FAQs

Co-op Fee

Once admitted to the co-op program, students are responsible for paying co-op fees according to the schedule prescribed for their program. The co-op fee is set by the University and may increase each year. Co-op fees are non-refundable. Once admitted in the program, the student is responsible for paying all co-op fees. Fees will be assessed for multiple consecutive semesters including summer, fall and winter sessions. Co-op fees are due the same day as tuition for that term. Please refer to either the current Undergraduate Calendar or Graduate Calendar as appropriate for exact dates.

As is the case with tuition fees, co-op fees are set by the Board of Governors each year and are subject to change.

The Fee:

  • enables the University to offer and support and support activities inherent to the co-operative education experience
  • is amortized over eight semesters for undergrad students and five semesters for graduate students, and typically begins during the semester that you start preparing for your first co-op work term.

The fee is not:

  • a job placement fee
  • payment for direct services provided by Co-operative Education & Workplace Partnerships to individual students

Co-operative education is costly to administer.  Besides general expenditures such as overhead, equipment and staff time, co-op fees help cover specific expenses such as the following:

  • Job development and employer recognitions (costs associated with securing and maintaining work placements);
  • Organizing and scheduling job interviews;
  • The purchase and maintenance of a software program that assists with the placement process;
  • Telephone and postage costs (for communication with students and employers);
  • Travel and / or telephone costs related to completing work term assessments with employers and students on work term;
  • Preparing students for work terms;
  • Providing job search and employment readiness training;
  • Discussing job options and locations with students;
  • Providing assistance with work permit procurement.

The rollout of the new co-op / internship fees for the 2018/19 year is under review.  There will not be a fee increase but due to our new UWinSite (new SIS) being launched in November, the terms in which fees are due has to be revisited. 

Please contact the Cashier’s office directly with any specific questions until we have more information to share.