The 4-year COST project -  “European network for Argumentation andPublic PoLicY analysis” (APPLY) - will start with a series of kick-off events at the ArgLab in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Due to some last-minute cancellations, we can offer up to 5 travel bursaries for those interested and still able to attend the event. The bursaries are only available to researchers (incl. PhD researchers) based in COST member countries (basically, all European countries).

Please contact Marcin Lewinski, the project's Chair, at m.lewinski@fcsh.unl.pt.


Dates: Tuesday 19 March to Friday 22 March 2019

Location: ArgLab, Nova University of Lisbon – Campus de Campolide

See here for details of the series of events. 

The goal of the kick-off event is to encapsulate the project’s main objectives, methods and topics via a variety of presentations, meetings and working sessions. These activities will focus on the problems of argumentation in public policy-making, especially in the context of climate change and energy debates. This opening and closing days are dedicated to showcasing top research investigating the problems of public policy understood as problems of argumentation and deliberation and, as such, as problems of the rationality of discourse in collective knowledge and action. Five internationally leading scholars will present their most recent theorizing on these topics: John S. Dryzek, Kjersti Fløttum, Frans van Eemeren, Chris Tindale and Mark Aakhus.