Who wants to buy?Who wants to buy?

5th Graders Bargain at "Fur Trade and the Original People" Workshop

Some students rejoiced at a good bargain, others found it unfair, but for sure, all St. Bernard's Catholic Elementary School 5th graders enjoyed the 4Winds; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and Beginning Time Teaching Project's workshop: "Fur Trade and the Original People".

On April 14, The Aboriginal Education Centre's 4Winds STEAM and BTT Project team demonstrated a mock of fur trade activity, to approximately 30 students.

The activity familiarized students with the Original People and European trade items, and the items’ value.  Prior to trading taking place, students had to work as a team to develop a trading strategy, and ensure that they were making fair trades by way of mathematical calculations and through the art of negotiation.

"It was interesting to see the integration of bartering in a contemporary age of retail, and the importance of relationships and responsibilities in a traditional age of communal living.” says Mark Restoule, MSW Candidate who assisted with the workshop.

The 4Winds STEAM Project is targeted towards students in grades 5 and 6.  The program introduces both FNMI (First Nations, Metis and Inuit) students and non-FMNI students to the STEAM areas while making strong connections to the Original People’s culture and teachings

Nick Hornby’s new novel Funny Girl Nick Hornby’s new novel Funny Girl

Campus Bookstore touts comic novel

The Campus Bookstore has selected Nick Hornby’s new novel Funny Girl as its Book of the Week.

Hornby is best known as the author of High Fidelity, About a Boy and Fever Pitch, all of which were made into Hollywood movies. Funny Girl is the story of a British beauty queen who returns her crown because she wants to be a comedienne—like her heroine Lucille Ball.

The book’s list price is $32; the Campus Bookstore will sell it for $20.06 through Monday, April 27.

Marketing coordinator Martin Deck reminds patrons that the store will match the price of all books with those offered by amazon.ca and chapters.indigo.ca. Read more on the Campus Bookstore website.


UNI-COM members writing their memoirs.UNI-COM members writing their memoirs.

Retirees write their memoirs fashionably

Reflecting upon their past experiences and events, members of UNI~COM - Retirement Learning Centre – wrote their memoirs while participating in two writing sessions conducted by Madeline Sonik, writer in residence, Tuesday, April 13.

Sonik, an accomplished journalist and writer, guided the retirees on how to write an interesting memoir, or an account of experiences they remember growing up. It was not long before the participants had lots of ideas to share, and many good suggestions from Sonik on how to record those experiences in an attractive manner.

Towards the end of the two sessions, the groups, with 20 participant in each agreed that: “It was amazing to discover how Madeline could direct us to reflect upon our past experiences and then write them in an interesting fashion that appealed to the reader.”

The sessions were conducted at IONA College.

UNI~COM is a voluntary organization of seniors (50 and over) retired, semi-retired, or still employed. It is hosted by the University and is designed to provide opportunities to its members to participate in Study Groups, attend Speaker Luncheons and to practice their skills in programs and/or projects of service to the citizens of our community.

SPF successful projects provide a wide range of new opportunities and supports for students.SPF successful projects provide a wide range of new opportunities and supports for students.

2015-16 Strategic Priority Fund Grants (SPF) Announced

The Office of the Provost has announced the list of successful applications to the 2015-16 Strategic Priority Fund.

Established in 2010, the Strategic Priority Fund is an annual opportunity for faculty and staff to seek funds for new initiatives and programs that directly support the vision and values of the University's Strategic Plan.

This year’s Call focused on the student experience, seeking projects that will improve students' academic opportunities, enrich the co-curricular or social environment, improve support for student development, or integrate efforts in these areas to improve the many ways that students live, learn, and work on campus.  

The 29 applications for projects were ranked by deans and reviewed by a committee of faculty, administrators, and a student.   UWSA President and Committee member Ronnie Haidar was impressed by the quality, creativity, and commitment to students reflected in the proposals: “Sitting on the SPF committee this semester has proven to me how committed our University is to enhancing the student experience. We have so many departments and faculties thinking outside the box to engage students, while also ensuring that we have the resources to succeed academically.”  Noting that it was very difficult to choose from the pool of great initiatives, he added, “I can't wait to see all the selected proposals take effect! Seeing all the great things happening all over campus has given me another reason to be proud to be a University of Windsor student.”

The ten successful projects provide a wide range of new opportunities and supports for students, from improved and more accessible advising in FAHSS, to comprehensive communications and professional skills development across the UWindsor Engineering curriculum, to the expansion of online courses and programs, to improved services for survivors of sexual violence, to opportunities for enhanced life skills and leadership training.

Representing an investment of over $1.2 million in enhancing student engagement and success, these projects will involve many hours of collective effort for the project teams over the next three years.  As Provost Douglas Kneale put it, “From a field of 29 strong applications, the ten projects funded this year represent a rich and varied set of initiatives aimed at enhancing the student experience.  I want to thank all the proponents for their imaginative and caring submissions, and the committee members for their diligent work in assessing such a princely heap of innovations.”  

Read more about SPF, including a description of the funded projects, on the SPF website.