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Essex Hall Theatre set for “Stag and Doe”The Essex Hall Theatre set for “Stag and Doe” goes dark, lit only by a single ghost light bulb. Written by Mark Crawford, directed by Marc Bondy (BFA 2000), set design by Nancy Perrin.

Troupe ready, but the show must not go on

The University Players production of Stag and Doe has been cancelled, but preparations were well underway, with cast and crew ready to go into dress rehearsals this weekend.

Set designer Nancy Perrin, University Players staff, and student crews were nearing completion on the retro 1970s community hall kitchen that would have provided a playing space for the wedding-meets-disaster farce. Lines were memorized, posters printed, and costumes had been fitted.

Drama major Erin Callaghan completed costume designs that will go into her portfolio alongside her work as assistant designer on Beauty and the Beast.

Mehjaas Singh, a student of drama and communication, media, and film, has created a video that provides a look into the costume shop and Callaghan’s work. Watch it here:

icon of person sitting at computerAn online workshop Friday afternoon will help faculty and staff respond to student concerns the coronavirus outbreak.

Workshop to provide tips on helping nervous students

A free one-hour online workshop Friday, March 20, will provide tips on how to respond to students who are nervous about the implications of the coronavirus outbreak.

“In light of growing concerns, we are seeing an increase in individuals feeling nervous,” says Mohsan Beg, executive director of the Student Counselling Centre.

He notes that being concerned and empathetic about this outbreak is normal, but adds that students may experience feelings of discomfort that impact their concentration and productivity — even disrupting their sleep patterns.

Dr. Beg invites all staff and faculty to join the session to explore simple tips in the hopes of empowering, nourishing, and supporting the school community.

It is accessible Friday from 2 to 3 p.m. at from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Those new to GoToMeeting may get the app in advance to be ready when the meeting starts,

Vehicles crossing Ambassador BridgeClosing off Canada’s borders undermines Canadian values, say researchers from the University of Windsor.

Closing borders more about politics than science, say researchers

Although Canada was late among nations in closing its borders to non-citizens, it was still a surprising move, say two UWindsor researchers.

In an article published March 18 in the Conversation, which shares news and views from the academic and research community, sociology professor Natalie Delia Deckard and master’s candidate Dara Vosoughi note that the World Health Organization has pointed out that travel restrictions not only divert resources from containment effort, but have real human costs in themselves.

“COVID-19 is a medical challenge, certainly,” the article states. “It is also a social and political event whose cause, trajectory, and long-term ramifications say more about our institutions than about the illness.”

Dr. Deckard and Vosoughi argue that protecting vulnerable people aligns with Canadian principles of dignity and inclusion. Moving to restrict migration betrays those principles.

“Rather than uniting across national lines to confront a common threat, we are shutting out the world in response to a threat more conveniently cast as external and foreign.

“After the pandemic, Canada will need to reconcile the inclusive image we worked to construct with the reality of our closed borders.”

Read the entire piece, “Coronavirus: Canada-U.S. border closure, other travel restrictions undermine our values,” in the Conversation.

100 dollar billResearch grant charges and services must be received for posting prior to the end of day April 13.

Report research charges by April 13 to meet year-end requirements

All Tri-Council research grants (NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR) and numerous other research grants (contracts) require financial reporting as of March 31, 2020.

Due to this reporting date, the usual UWinsite Finance General Ledger closing date will be changed to accommodate the requirement for accuracy.

Accordingly, Finance staff ask that those responsible make the necessary arrangements to ensure that all financial transactions (purchase receipts, expense reports, journal entries, invoice requests) for charges and services related to projects covering the period ending March 31 are received for posting prior to the end of day April 13, 2020.

The office appreciates the additional effort necessary to meet this financial reporting requirement. If you have any questions, contact