BFA in Acting

BFA in Acting

The 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts Acting degree is designed to prepare graduates to pursue careers as professional actors. This internationally recognized, pre-professional acting program provides stellar training with the perfect balance of conservatory style classes, academic course work, and main stage performance requirements.

You will learn from outstanding faculty members who are professional actors and directors, and from guest artists who are working theatre professionals serving as visiting professors, directors, and artists in residence. Small classes and easy access to professors will provide you with personalized attention and an individualized approach to studies in order to enhance learning, scholarship, and provide an unforgettable University experience.

Courses include acting technique, scene study, Shakespearean performance, voice, improvisation, movement, theatre history, other electives in dramatic art, and courses in the liberal arts.

University Players, the acting company of the School of Dramatic Art, will play a vital role in your training as you take your place among the company members.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the academic requirements of the University of Windsor, applicants must successfully pass an audition.

Career Paths

Graduates of the programme pursue careers in:

  • professional theatre, film and television acting
  • directing
  • theatre arts teachers
  • graduate school in acting and directing

Our distinguished alumni are working in major theatres across North America. Here are a few with their accomplishments:

  • Ijeoma Emesowum '08 - A Midsummer Night's Dream, Dream in High Park
  • Claire Jullien '95 - The Stepmother, Shaw Festival; Stratford Shakespeare Festival
  • Mike Shara '94 - Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Shaw Festival, Soulpepper Theatre; "one of Canada's top 10 theatre artists", NOW Magazine
  • Nigel Shawn Williams '90 - Stratford Shakespeare Festival; recurring role on The Jane Show; 2006 Dora Award for directing The Monument
  • Amanda Tapping '88 - Major Samantha Carter (female lead) in Stargate SG-1
  • Antoni Cimolino '84 - General Director, Stratford Shakespeare Festival
  • Stephen Ouimette '77 - many seasons with Stratford Shakespeare Festival; Oliver Welles in Slings and Arrows

Student Testimonial

"What initially attracted me to Windsor was that it had a very professional, yet personal atmosphere. Taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by the staff and facilities, in and out of class, has helped me develop my independence as an artist, as well as discover the kind of artist I'd like to be."

- David Baker, BFA ‘09

Required Courses

While every attempt is made to keep this up to date, please keep in mind that the official list of required courses can be found in the Undergraduate Course Calendar.

Year One

Fall Semester
24-100 Nature of Theatre I
24-120 Voice for the Actor I
24-126+ Movement for the Actor I
24-128+ Improvisation and Introduction to Acting for the Theatre I
24-130 Theatre History I
01-150 Effective Writing I
Winter Semester
24-200 Nature of Theatre II
24-121 Voice for the Actor II
24-127+ Movement for the Actor II
24-129+ Improvisation and Introduction to Acting for the Theatre II
24-230 Theatre History II
01-151 Effective Writing II

Year Two

Fall Semester
24-220 Voice for the Actor III
24-223 Acting for the Theatre I
24-226+ Movement for the Actor III
24-228 Improvisation for the Theatre
26-122 Drama of the Western World I
Winter Semester
24-221 Voice for the Actor IV
24-224 Acting for the Theatre II
24-227+ Movement for the Actor IV
24-330 or 333 Theatre History
26-123 Drama of the Western World II
1 Drama Elective*

Year Three

Fall Semester
24-321 Acting-Work in Progress I
24-322 Acting-Work in Progress II
24-326+ Voice and Movement for the Actor I
1 English Option*
1 Social Science Option*
Winter Semester
24-323 Acting-Work in Progress III
24-324 Acting-Work in Progress IV
24-327+ Voice and Movement for the Actor II
1 English Option*
1 Social Science Option*
1 Drama Elective or Option*

Year Four

Fall Semester
24-420 Graduate Recital
1 of 24-453 to 458 Directed Studies in Performance
24-275 Arts Administration
1 Drama Elective*
1 Drama Elective or Option*
Winter Semester
24-344 Directing II
24-429 Character Study
24-451 Performance Seminar
1 of 24-453 to 458 Directed Studies in Performance
1 Drama Elective or Option*

+ means half course
* These courses may be taken in any semester after first year so long as all requirements are fulfilled by the end of Year Four, Winter Semester.
Overload courses will require an additional tuition payment.