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Honour Specialist Courses

Honour Specialist Course Requirements

  • A Certificate of Qualification;
  • A Bachelor's degree from an Ontario university in a program that requires four years of university study, or the equivalent, to a total of at least 20 full year courses and in which the candidate has obtained at least second class or equivalent standing (B average - 70%) in at least NINE full year (or 18 half year) courses in the subject for which the candidate seeks qualification. (Note that course weights vary across institutions. Courses weighted as 3 credits are likely to be half courses.);
  • Evidence of at least two years of successful teaching experience, of which at least one year (194 days) is in Ontario, as certified by the appropriate supervisory officer.
    Confirmation of Teaching Experience Form
    Teaching experience must be completed prior to the first day of the course.

The minimum passing grade for an Honour Specialist qualification is 70%.

Requirements for Honour Specialist, Technological Studies

1 a) certification in a technological education subject area in both the grades 9/10 and 11/12 levels AND one of the following: 

  • certification in two additional  grades 9/10  technological subjects, OR
  • certification in one grade 9/10 technological subject and an additional one of the following courses: Coop, Part 1, Guidance, Part 1, Science and Technology 7/8, Computer Studies-Computer Technology, Part 1, English as a Second Language, Part 1, Special Education, Part 1, Integration of Information and Computer Technology, Part 1  


1 b) qualifications in at least four technological subjects (listed in Schedule B) at the grade 9/10 level and one Specialist (from Schedule D)

2. Evidence of at least two years of successful teaching experience, including one year of experience in Technological Education. This experience must be certified by the Supervisory Office on the Confirmation of Teaching Experience form.                       

3. Hold a Secondary School Honours Graduation Diploma or have successfully completed the equivalent of one year's full-time study in a program in respect of which a Secondary School Graduation Diploma or its equivalent is required for admission (e.g. five full credits at the university level or successful completion of at least one year of a college diploma program.

Courses credited towards teaching certification or additional teaching qualifications cannot be used for this requirement.