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Registration - AQ/ABQ/PQP

Before you Register - Courses for Educators

  • Make sure that you have reviewed the prerequisites for the course(s) in which you are interested. If you register for a course and then are forced to withdraw due to not possessing the proper prerequisites, you will still be subject to the $100 non-refundable administration fee.
  • For Additional Basic Qualification courses, you must submit an unofficial undergraduate transcript (Exception: ABQ Primary Division, ABQ Junior Division, ABQ Health and Physical Education Intermediate, Religious Education Intermediate, Dramatic Arts Intermediate) to the Continuing Education Coordinator for analysis to ensure you have the required undergraduate course credits.
  • Please scan and e-mail an electronic version (pdf) of your documents to

If you choose to send your documents via mail, please address it to the following address:

University of Windsor
Faculty of Education
Attention:  Continuing Education
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, Ontario  N9B 3P4
  • If you completed your undergraduate degree at the University of Windsor, please visit UWinsite Student to access your transcript. Then, scan and send it as an e-mail attachment to the attention of

Registering for a Course

  1. Select Log In/Register External Link
  2. A page will come up: Log In or New User
  3. If you are registering for an AQ course for the first time with the Faculty of Education you will need to complete the information as a New User. Click on New User and complete this information
  4. Wait for an e-mail (about 10 seconds) which will ask you to confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the link within this e-mail. 
  5. Then you will be brought back to the login External Link page. This time, log in with the e-mail address you confirmed and password
  6. Select Course Offerings External Link on the left sidebar.
  7. Select the semester course offerings.
  8. Scroll down and select the specific course.
  9. This will bring you to the Course Information: description, requirements, course materials needed and for certain courses a link entitled ‘Confirmation of Teaching Experience’. 
  10. Select ‘Add to Cart’

After you have registered and been approved for the course, you will receive an email which will provide the following information: 

  • Candidate responsibilities
  • Software requirements
  • Note on Textbook Purchase

You will receive a Welcome Letter via email containing the following information shortly after registration has closed: 

  • How to access the Learning Management System called Blackboard Learn
  • What your user ID and password is to get into this system
  • Information about the Navigation Bar within the course

Textbook Purchase

Course materials and textbooks that are required can be located on the Course Offering Link.

For purchase, please contact the university bookstore:

University of Windsor Bookstore
1-800-263-1242 (Canada Only) External Link

Online System

The Faculty of Education uses the Blackboard Learn online course platform for all AQ courses. Three important features of this system are Content, Discussions and the Grade Centre.


Once you are in the course, you can click on Content on the Navigation Bar and you will see the modules and the components for each module within the course. Usually, each course starts out with an introduction and an overview of course assignments and outlines. Within the modules, you will often see what is referred to as ‘Put into Practice’ boxes which contain information and direction for students to complete assignments. You will also see other boxes entitled ‘Making Connections’ which provide additional information to assist students with furthering their learning.


After you click on this feature, you will see the Forums that have been created for the course. Candidates are usually directed to this Discussion Board through the ‘Put into Practice’ information. Once there, candidates will be able to post responses, respond to other candidates in the class or attach documents. Instructors will also be able to monitor time spent by candidates in this Discussion Board.

Grade Centre

Students can keep track of their grades and see how the instructor has used the rubric for the grading. 

During the Course

Instructors will provide additional information at the start of the course regarding due dates for assignments and postings as well as time to spend on each module. You are asked to review all the modules at the start so that you can determine your time accordingly and not run the risk of being overwhelmed.

Instructors will also be able to give you feedback on postings or to provide advice on an ongoing basis. They will also be able to monitor your time spent on Discussions, so it is important for you to be on consistently to achieve a positive outcome.

At the end of the Course

Instructors will expect that all assignments and postings have been submitted. Failure to do so will result in poor grades or failure. Candidates will be able to see their grades online. After Instructors submit their grades to the Faculty of Education, we will recommend candidates to the Ontario College of Teachers. Candidates should be able to see their recommendation (listing of the course) on their Certificate of Qualification within 4-6 weeks.

We also ask candidates to evaluate their AQ Course Instructor near the end of the course. 

If there are any questions at any time, please feel free to contact us at