Engineering Student Society

The Engineering Students Society of the University of Windsor is a student group representing all undergraduate engineering students at the U of W.

Throughout the year, the Engineering Students’ Society holds a number of academic and social events for engineering students. We have raised awareness and funds for local charities, competed in engineering contests, created study groups and have had several social functions in and around campus. Get involved! We need your input and ideas.

Please consult your class rep or check the Engineering Students Society website and postings throughout the bulletin boards of the faculty building for functions.

We look forward to meeting you!

Engineering Society Executive Body

The President is responsible for everything Engsoc related. Though the president may not personally be involved in everything, at the end the buck stops with him/her. It is the job of the president to ensure that the society is moving in a way that the students wish to go.

The Vice President Internal is the president’s right-hand assistant. The VP Internal is responsible for planning and executing all events the engineering society throws. If the president is for some reason unable to perform their duties, the VP Internal steps up to the plate.

The Vice President External is a position devoted to the handling of EngSoc’s dealings with external organizations and people. The VP External attends 5-10 engineering conferences everywhere, all across Ontario and Canada. This is a great position for those of you who are very social.

The Vice-President Finance and Administration controls the funds of the Engsoc. One of the most important positions in the Executive Body without a doubt, this post is a great way to learn about how to finance a not for profit organization.

The Vice-President Academic is responsible for all matter pertaining to academics. They will converse with faculty on your behalf if you have any academic concerns. They are also responsible for planning and running engineering competitions and maintaining the exam bank.

The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for making sure the office is clean and taking minutes at the Executive and Board of Directors meetings. This keeps the rest of the society informed of our dealings. This position is usually held by a 2nd-year student.

The Chief Returning Officer ensures that the constitution of the Engsoc is upheld. The CRO is charged with running the annual elections for the Executive Body, an extremely important job.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD)

Yes, it’s exactly like Wall Street. Even the president, is accountable to the Board of Directors, who are elected by you. The Board of Directors is a group of students elected to oversee the actions of the executive and also function as s means of disseminating information to the student body. In more basic terms, they report on the state of the Engsoc to you the students. There are BOD positions available to any engineering undergraduate student, they are as follows:

First Year Representatives

Yes!! First-year students can run for this position at the end of frosh week. You would get to be a full voting member of the BOD and make sure that the voices of yourself and your fellow First years are heard by the Engsoc and ultimately heard by the University. If you are interested in this position, please let someone on the Exec know, so we can nominate you.

Year Representatives

There is another set of representatives for each year of students; they function in the same way as the first year reps.

Departmental Representatives

It is no secret that we are interested in different fields of engineering, mechanicals aren’t civils and don’t have the same concerns. So, every year a representative is elected by each faculty to the BOD, to speak for their respective discipline.

International Representative

This is a new position on the BOD. With the number of international students increasing every year, it is important that the Society has input from our international students, to ensure their voices are being heard.

Contact Us

Engineering Student Society
Room 1105 CEI
Phone: 519-253-3000 EXT 5488
Fax: 519-971-3622