Capstone Design


Capstone projects challenge fourth-year engineering students to apply the formal knowledge they’ve gained during their undergraduate studies to solve real-world problems. Students combine the technical skills and hands-on experience they acquired in school to design a project related to their chosen discipline. 

The team-based projects are the culmination of the undergraduate program and a requirement for degree completion. Students are graded on their projects during Capstone Design Demonstration Day held at the Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation. 

Capstone Design Demonstration Day
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
July 27, 2018
Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Design of a Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plant in Essex County 
  • Design of Glass Curtain Wall Facade for Major NYC Convention Center 
  • Design of a Green Energy Multi-use Building 
  • Design of Low-Rise Timber Building
  • Design of a Micro-grid for the Leamington Greenhouse Sector
  • Downtown Building Facade Project with VABE
  • Prototype Rainwater Recovery System 
  • Re-Designing California Avenue and Wyandotte Street West Intersection for a Safer Future Pedestrian and Vehicle Movement
  • Re-design of Highway 3 between Windsor and Leamington for Safety Improvement
  • Renovation of the Old Fire Hall to New Windsor Public Library
  • Science of Border Waiting Line System
  • Transportation Network Planning for Future Land Development in the Area near the Windsor International Airport
  • WEAO Competition Project

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Arduino Based Home Monitoring System 
  • Automated PLC Hydroponics Systems 
  • Autonomous Multi-Sensor Information Fusion 
  • Battery Management System 
  • Cardless Security System 
  • Design of a Smart Flood Prevention System 
  • Electric Vehicle with Range Extender 
  • Gesture Controlled Robot 
  • Hardware Implementation of Bio-Inspired Neurons 
  • Intelligent HVAC loT Control System 
  • IOT Plant Sensor System 
  • Machine Vision Object Sorter 
  • Motor Control Team – Autonomous Electric ATV Delivery System 
  • Motor Controller – Part 1 of Solar Powered Electric Bike Application 
  • Octave Audio Mixer Design BJH-0 1
  • Project Subliminal 
  • Real-Time Lane Detection with Deep Leaning 
  • Real-Time Traffic Sign and Traffic Light Classification and Detection using Deep Learning 
  • Smart loT Greenhouse 
  • Smarter Greenhouse 
  • Solar Based Battery Charger for E-bike Applications 
  • Solar Powered Water Filtration System 
  • Teaching a Robot Through the Use of Neutral Networks 
  • The Autonomous Chess Playing Machine 
  • Vehicle Diagnostics Solutions Advisor 
  • Vehicle Safety Drowsiness Detection System 
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle & Safety Application Development 

Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering

  • Autonomous Vehicle 
  • Continental CPS6 Product Development – Durability Improvement 
  • Design of District Energy Expansion for City of Windsor  
  • Design and Build of a Bridge Test Fixture 
  • Design and Build of a Nanofluid Absorber Laboratory Formula SAE 
  • Design of Environmental Noise Monitor for Mining Applications
  • Design of a Fatigue Test Machine 
  • Design and Manufacture of Working Clock 
  • Design and Manufacturing of Bio-Material Polymer for Nasal Inserts 
  • Design of Noise Chamber and Test Rig for Testing Automotive Seal Treatments for Noise Emissions 
  • Design and Simulation of a Specialized Crane 
  • Drag Reduction of Tractor Trailers 
  • Experimental Sounding Rocket Association’s Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition 
  • Gas Turbine-Powered High Speed Transit in a Low-Pressure
  • Harvesting Energy from Human Body 
  • High Performance Racing Jet Ski 
  • Motorcycle Front Suspension 
  • Racing Lawnmower
  • SAE Aero Design Regular Class 
  • SAE Supermileage 1 
  • SAE Supermileage 2
  • Vibro-Wind Generator