Aerospace Option

Mechanical with Aerospace Option

Because they ain’t gonna create themselves

  • Canada’s aerospace industry is a national leader in twenty-first century manufacturing, driving the jobs, innovation and skills of the future

  • Canada ranks third in terms of global civil aircraft production activity

  • Canada’s civil aircraft production growth is forecasted to outpace the global market for the 2014-2021 period (22% for Canada versus 11% for the global civil aircraft production     


The University of Windsor’s program will build upon the success of our existing offerings by continuing our practice of emphasizing physical lab experiences for our students and it will incorporate the latest innovations in teaching and laboratory experiences. As the program progresses, connections to our Electrical and Computer and Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering programs will be formed to ensure that graduates learn about avionics (aircraft electrical systems and instrumentation) as well as the planning and operation of complex manufacturing and logistical operations. 

Third-Year Courses for Mechanical Engineering - Aerospace Option

92-317 Applied Thermodynamics
92-320 Fluid Mechanics 2
92-328 Heat Transfer
92-421 Machine Design
92-459 Computer Aided Engineering
94-370 Aerospace Engineering Fundamentals

Fourth-Year Courses for Mechanical Engineering - Aerospace Option

92-400 Capstone Design
92-400 Capstone
92-418 Thermal Suystems Design
92-321 Control Design
92-411 Design for Failure Prevention
85-421 Engineering & Society
94-371 Aerospace Materials & Manufacturing
92-324 Engineering Measurements
94-471 Aerodynamics & Performance 94-470 Aerospace Propulsion
Aerospace Technical Elective 94-472 Flightworthiness