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Start your path to a career in teaching.

The Centre for English Language Development (CELD) offers teacher training programs geared to teaching English to speakers of other languages.

TESOL instructors have advanced degrees, are experts in teaching methodology for low to advanced English proficiency, and have vast teaching experience in international and/or Canadian contexts.

Here's what some of our students have to say:

"When I signed up for the TESOL Certificate program, I expected to complete a fairly standard teacher's education course. I had no idea in the beginning of just how challenging and valuable the course would turn out to be!

Our professor had an impressive depth of expertise in the field on both theoretical and practical levels. She immediately set students at ease, then proceeded straight to attacking the packed syllabus.

There was a strong focus on quickly establishing a logical framework for planning and executing effective lessons. This methodology was demonstrated and elaborated on in every successive class, with many opportunities to practice. Over time, this gave TESOL students a vast library of engaging, creative lessons to draw upon in their future teaching careers.

Intertwined with the practical lesson delivery approach was a robust theoretical framework covering topics as diverse as phonology, grammar, readhing, writing, listening, speaking, and vocabulary, among others. This helped to take us outside the langauge to see it as our future students will, providing a new perspective to aid us as ESL teachers in creating the types of lessons that will be most useful and efficient for our students.

In summary, the TESOL Certificate program was brief, intense, and highly effective. It delivered so much more value than can be conveyed in an online course summary!"

Erin, Fall 2017


"I had the pleasure of taking the TESOL certification course at the University of Windsor and found it to be an educational and enjoyable experience. Professor Lotfi’s attention to detail and passion for the program was apparent through her commitment to the students and the curriculum. The course material was extremely thorough and quite challenging. I truly feel that I have become a more effective teacher as a result of participating in the TESOL program and would recommend the course to anyone who wishes to become a teacher or simply develop and hone their pre-existing skills."

Aleksandar Premrl, Winter 2018


"I decided to take the TESOL Certificate program at the University of Windsor because it is recognized along with the TESOL Diploma for certification with TESL Ontario. I found it to be a great combination of both theory and practice.  In-class work focused on planning and teaching strategies for the ESL classroom.  As part of the 20-hour practicum, we worked alongside an ESL teaching mentor who provided valuable feedback to help us develop our skills. Overall, I am very happy with the instruction I received during the course and would recommend the program to anyone who wishes to learn more about the pedagogy involved in teaching English Language Learners."

Emanuela Infantino, Winter 2018


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