Refund Policy

  • The registration fee of $150 CDN is non-refundable, regardless of the situation.
  • There is no refund for any program past the start date. 

Program Deferral

  • Students who defer their program start date will have forfeited their registration fee.
  • Students with deferred fee payments will be required to pay the difference of their program fee if there is a fee change in the subsequent semester.
  • Students who have a legitimate study permit situation, as per our Outreach Officers, will receive full tuition reimbursement less the non-refundable registration fee.


  • If a student withdraws from the program prior to the first day of class, a full refund of the program fee will be issued, except the non-refundable registration fee ($150.00 CDN).
  • No refund will be issued after classes have begun unless there are special circumstances as approved by the Director.

Special Circumstances

  • Providing a language test score that meets the admissions requirements does not constitute as a special circumstance.
  • If a student must withdraw from the program* due to circumstances beyond their control, the following refund will apply:

1st week - 50% refund
2nd week - 25% refund
3rd week - 10% refund
4th week - No refund

*Note: This schedule applies to all CELD programs, including TESOL.  Supporting documentation may be required.