Certificates of Merit

The English Language Improvement (ELIP) teaching culture values and celebrates students' committment to learning.

The Instructor-nominated Certificate of Merit recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding effort throughout the term.

Intersession 2017 Recipients

Wanling Zhang and Nianci Ma   ELIP 3
   Wanling Zhang and Nianci Ma







Faegheh Kalantari and Xuan Liu   ELIP 3
   Faegheh Kalantari and Xuan Liu






Harsh Kansagara, Qiyu Zhang, and Hualong Wang   ELIP 2
   Harsh Kansagara, Qiyu Zhang, and
   Hualong Wang







Yuntao Xu   ELIP 1
   Yuntao Xu






Zeyang An   ELIP Foundation
   Zeyang An







The Peer-nominated Certificate of Merit recognizes a classmate who has made special efforts to contribute to the class.

Intersession 2017 Recipients

Shuai Liu and Nianci Ma   ELIP 3
   Shuai Liu and Nianci Ma







Haleh Nazemi and Qianwen Nie   ELIP 3
   Haleh Nazemi and Qianwen Nie







Ritu Ge, Chengxi Yao, Tarek Elganas, and Qian Chen   ELIP 2
   Ritu Ge, Chengxi Yao, Tarek
   Elganas, and Qian Chen







Feng Lu   ELIP 1
   Feng Lu







Jieke Lin   ELIP Foundation
   Jieke Lin