Joshua Chauvin, UWindsor's first Rhodes Scholar received his PhD in Experimental Psychology at Oxford University

UWindsor’s Rhodes Scholar encourages students to explore scholarship possibilities

Explore Scholarship Possibilities

Joshua Chauvin, the University of Windsor’s first Rhodes Scholar (2011), recently completed his PhD in Experimental Psychology at Oxford University in Great Britain. He has some advice for undergraduate students.
“You need to be aware of all the scholarships out there,” recommends Chauvin.
Chauvin encourages young people to dream big and realize that their potential stretches beyond their local community. Ask a lot of questions of your professors, even in first year. Research scholarships and exchange programs. Talk to the staff at Student Awards and if you are an Outstanding Scholar talk to Dr. Simon Du Toit. Research what is out there and what is possible.
“To stand out from other applicants, students need to be well rounded,” he says.
Scholarships may be based on academic achievement, financial need and many look at your involvement in your community.
Students who participate in an exchange program invariably report that it is the single most valuable part of their university experience.  They will typically spend one or two semesters at partner institution. The University of Windsor has a variety of exchange programs in a variety of countries, involving many different partner institutions, including every continent except for Antarctica.
“My focus was always very myopic,“ Chauvin said. It was only after becoming a Rhodes Scholar and travelling to Britain that he realized how much is actually out there.
“The possibilities are overwhelming in a good way. To travel broadly and fill your head with ideas is a good thing,” he said.