University of Windsor Campus

Cash and Accounts Receivable

Mission & Vision

The Accounts Receivable department is responsible for the processing of non-student payments and invoices for the University.
All forms are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.


Deposit Funds

If you wish to deposit your departmental revenue, use the Deposit Form. Please ensure that you are following the cash handling policy.


Petty Cash Responsibilities

Petty Cash Funds are available to campus community members on an as-needed basis, in accordance with the Cash Handling Policy.


AR Invoice Request

If you have provided goods or services to a customer, and require an invoice to be sent, please use the Invoice Request Form (Excel format) to request this invoice. Once the invoice request is received and processed, your account will be immediately credited for the invoice amount and is no longer considered payable to you. 

On the invoice, your customer is given instructions to send their payment directly to the Accounts Receivable department. If you receive a payment for an invoice directly, please contact the Accounts Receivable office prior to depositing. Send all completed invoice request forms to

We are happy to assist you with any tax implications for your invoicing. Download the Quick Reference Guide for Taxes on Revenues to get help with correct tax treatment for invoices.


Daily Exchange Rate for Deposit of US Funds

The Accounts Receivable department will apply the exchange rate posted on the website. View today's exchange rate.The rate is adjusted every business day at 10:30 am, subject to the rate being updated by the Bank. If the number is greater than 1.00, the US dollar is worth more than the Canadian dollar. If the number is less than 1.00, the US dollar is worth less than the Canadian dollar.


Contact Information

Dannielle Quenneville
Receivable Clerk
University of Windsor
Chrysler Hall Tower
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4
(519) 253-3000, ext. 2125