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Propel is offering a series of lunch and learns with workshops that will help you with your career and professional development. Bring a lunch and spend your lunch hour learning skills and knowledge for success!

See the Events Calendar for session dates and times.

Gain an understanding of the differences between a resume and curriculum vitae (CV), how to format them, and how they are used in the application process.

Learning outcomes:

  • Discover what the differences are between a CV and resume
  • Learn how to format a CV and resume
  • Learn how to determine if a CV or a resume is needed in the application process.

Learn career options for graduate degree holders and tips for preparing for these careers that will help to increase your chances of employment.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn the pros and cons of both academic and non-academic career paths
  • Discover tips for pursuing these types of careers
  • Explore things to consider when making a choice between academic and non-academic career pathways

As our ways of communicating change with the digital age, it is increasingly important to be sure that you are an effective written and oral communicator. This workshop will go through the do’s and don’ts of successful communication including professional document writing, delivering quality presentations, and interview tips and tricks. Participants will leave this workshop with resources to help them with their academic and professional communication skills.

This special Propel workshop is presented by Laura Chittle and Elizabeth Ismail.


A teaching dossier is a portfolio designed to demonstrate your teaching and inspire self-reflection. This portfolio allows for responsibilities, approaches, contributions, and evidence to be presented in a professional manner that summarizes the quality of one’s academic teaching. This session focusing on the fundamentals of creating an effective teaching dossier that speaks to your beliefs about teaching and learning through a philosophy statement and highlights your teaching-related activities and accomplishments. This workshop will guide you through each component of the dossier and provide resources to assist you in the process.

This special Propel workshop is presented by Laura Chittle and Elizabeth Ismail.


If you Googled yourself today, would you hire you?  In this session, we'll use Wordpress to connect your life, your passions, your education, and your career path.

This special Propel workshop is presented by Alicia Higgison.

Psychometric researchers agree that each individual has different levels of "stress hardiness" or resilience under academic pressure or stress. In this workshop, learn how you can increase your capacity and resilience to effectively improve your academic performance.

This special Propel workshop is presented by Dr. Suzanne Brown.

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