Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships 2019: call for nominations

The Trudeau doctoral scholarship is Canada’s most prestigious doctoral award in the social sciences and humanities.  Each year, the Foundation awards scholarships to up to twenty (20) doctoral students from Canada or abroad who have achieved academic excellence and who demonstrate an interest in public policy and a willingness to learn in a multidisciplinary setting. Trudeau scholars also have a track record of engaging in social debate. The Trudeau scholarship supports interdisciplinary research, original fieldwork, and travel. It also gives Trudeau scholars the means to interact with the Trudeau community, an exceptional network of leaders and individuals active in public affairs. Through the Trudeau Mentorship Program, the Foundation also gives Trudeau scholars access to eminent Canadians who are recognized for their contribution to public life and who make themselves available to the scholars for guidance and networking.

Candidates are evaluated based on their academic achievement, which must be on par with the highest standards of the world’s most prestigious doctoral scholarship programs. Future scholars must also demonstrate an ability to engage in lively exchange with other researchers and scholars, and have an expressed desire to contribute to public dialogue. More information is available at:


Up to $60,000 per year for three years.  


  • Full-time first, second or third year students enrolled (or accepted) in a doctoral program in the humanities and social sciences;
  • Open to Canadians/Permanent Residents and international students;
  • Be pursuing research in one or more of the four themes of the Foundation: Human Rights and Dignity; Responsible Citizenship; Canada in the World; and People and their Natural Environment

Instructions for students:

  1. Visit the Trudeau Foundations website at:
  2. Create an account on-line through the Trudeau Foundation’s portal
  3. Complete the on-line application form and upload all of the required documents to the portal by the University of Windsor’s deadline of Friday, February 1, 2019

Instructions for departments:

After the application deadline the Office of Graduate Studies will forward any applications to the department for review and ranking, as needed.