Engineering Scholarships

Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program

The University of Windsor's Faculty of Engineering will send approximately 12 students for three to four-month internships over the duration of the project (ending December 2018). The chosen QE Scholars will travel abroad to partner institutions in India and Wales to participate in activities and projects related to the provision of clean water and sustainable energy supplies.

Sustainable Engineering Faculty Scholarships (maximum of 5 per year)

Awarded to MASc or PhD students in the Environmental Engineering program. Recipients must have an 80% average upon entry into the program and maintain this average to retain the scholarship. Students in other Engineering MASc or PhD programs may be eligible provided their thesis work has a substantial element of Sustainable Engineering content. All recipients must take “Sustainability: Principles and Practices (course number 93-500). Preference will be given to students who:
1. at the PhD, level, express, by letter, a desire to pursue an academic career
2. at either level are receiving NSERC scholarships (provided this does not affect the financial needs criterion)
Must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, and show financial need.
Value: $10,000 per year for PhD students (for a maximum of three years).
$ 7,500 per year for MASc students (for a maximum of two years).

Frederick G. and Doris B. Bristow Award 

For M.A.Sc or Ph.D. students registered in any Engineering graduate program. Must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident with an average of at least 77%, and show financial need. Recipients must have received their education from a recognized Canadian high school and their undergraduate degree from a Canadian university. Preference is given to a student of English descent (at least one parent born in England).
Value: $2,500

Dr. Voiko Loukanov Engineering Scholarship

Awarded to a graduate student in the Faculty of Engineering on the basis of academic merit.  Preference will be given to a student who is working in the Centre for Hybrid Automotive Research and Green Energy lab on research projects in partnership with D & V Electronics, or a graduate student intern at their facility in Woodbridge, Ontario.  The winner will be selected by a committee struck by the Dean of Engineering.

Value:  $5,000

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