> MyGradSkills.ca - Graduate Professional Skills Program

In 2015 the Ontario Consortium for Graduate Professional Skills training launched  MyGradSkills.ca. Using their own university email account, students can log onto the site to view 18 short, self-paced training units on topics such as how to write a resume, how to conduct a job search, the art of entrepreneurship, teaching and learning, and academic and professional communications.
  • The online professional development will benefit those who are interested in a career in academia, as well as those seeking to put their credentials to use in business, government or non-profits.
  • The initiative highlights Ontario’s leading role in graduate education, and the consortium – made up of seven leading research-intensive universities – hopes one day to make the training resources available to graduate students all over the world. 
Instructions for students to sign up for GPS:

1-     Students have to go to www.MyGradSkills.ca

2-     Students have to enter personal information to sign up for the site. They must use their email address with their Ontario university main domain (e.g.  USERID@uwindsor.ca)

3-     Once they sign up, they will receive a confirmation email to complete the sign up

4-     Students have to follow the link to confirm the user id and password

5-     Once they sign in to the site, they can review the summary of the available courses and enroll themselves to any of the courses free of charge.

Please note students can go through the courses at their own pace and can stop and return to the site to continue a course at a later time. 

  • Please visit Mygradskills.ca to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity for student professional development.