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The GATA Network

The network supports graduate and teaching assistants in their teaching duties at the University of  Windsor and helps them find resources to equip and enrich their teaching and learning experiences. The GATA Network team is comprised of two former and one current UWindsor graduate students.

The GATA Network blog has a full publishing schedule. Monday to Friday, readers can find information on the theory behind teaching and learning, tips, dilemmas, scenarios, videos, comics from our own in-house comic artist, profiles of UWindsor GAs and TAs, and information about upcoming workshops, guest speakers, and special events. Comments and questions are welcome.

Useful Web Links

GA/TA training session materials

Annual orientation workshop

The workshop is held each Fall for new graduate and teaching assistants in all faculties and departments.

Open a copy of the latest workshop materials held on September 5, 2017 (PDF Format)