Scholarships and Funding

 At Windsor we are proud to offer a competitive funding program for graduate students:

All Canadian and International students entering research-based programs with an admission average that meets or exceeds the equivalent of a Canadian 80% will be considered for an entrance scholarship - see details.

  • Early application is strongly encouraged to be considered for entrance scholarships support - see entrance scholarship deadlines.
  • Tri-council award recipients (NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR) will automatically receive an entrance scholarship, for the duration of the tri-council award.

Graduate assistantships (GAs) are awarded by the student's academic department. A fulltime Master's student may receive up to $5,278 per semester as a graduate assistant and a fulltime PhD student - up to $5, 881.4 per semester (rates as of Sept. 2017) - see details

Additional internal awards may be available for students already enrolled in a graduate program based on various criteria - see details.

Information about current scholarship competitions will be posted under "Grad News" in the top right section of this website

RAs are awards funded from professors' research grants and the value varies by academic program - students should contact directly their research supervisor regarding availability.

See also:

National (Canadian) and provincial scholarships and awards

OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program)