University Employment of Graduate Students

There are several employment opportunities for graduate students at the University of Windsor. Some of these are listed below along with important applicable policies.

Review also information about Paid Employment for Graduate Students on Approved Leave of Absence.

Total number of hours

The allowable number of hours of paid university-related employment for graduate students will be 240 hours per academic term (Fall, Winter, Summer). This includes income from all employment sources: GA, RA-employment income (not including RA-scholarship), Sessionals, Work Study, Food Services, IT Services, Library, Residence Services, and any other university-related employment.

The academic term periods are as follows:

Fall: September 1 to December 31

Winter: January 1 to April 30

Summer: May 1 to August 31.

Departments should ensure they are aware of all employment contracts students may hold prior to issuing any type of employment contract, including those listed below:  

Graduate assistantships (GAs)

Graduate Assistantships (GAs) may be offered to full-time graduate students registered in research programs. These positions (up to 140 hrs. per term) give students valuable experience assisting professors with teaching and related duties. GAs are paid as a salary and are considered employment. GAs are governed by the CUPE4580 collective agreement.

Research assistantships (RAs) 

RAs are normally funded by a professor's research grant. Payment for RAs can be in one of two forms:  

  • salary 
  • scholarship  

If paid as a salary, an RA is considered employment - see also the "Research Assistantship Guidelines".

More information on Research Assistant/Associate, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Visiting Scholar, and other similar appointments

Sessional appointments

Sessional appointments are governed by the Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA) Collective Agreement. If a student is employed as a sessional instructor the total time spent by the student in connection with the appointment includes time spent on preparation, reading, setting assignments, marking examinations, etc. Therefore, graduate students holding a sessional instructor appointment cannot be employed as Graduate Assistants (GAs) in the same term.

International students

International students must hold a valid Study Permit and must maintain full-time registration in order to be employed on campus. For more information, check the information posted on the websites of the International Student Centre and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.