Copyright & Authorship

Students are affected by copyright legislation in two regards: they must copyright their own work, and they must take care not to violate other authors' or publishers' copyrights.

Protecting your own work

  • At the time their Master's or Doctoral committee is formed, students are required to validate a Non-Exclisive License to the University of Windsor, which should be supplied by their programs, authorizing the University to archive, reproduce, and distribute the thesis or dissertation.   
  • At the time of deposit students are also required to validate a “Thesis/ Dissertation Non-exclusive Licence”, which authorizes Library and Archives Canada to perform similar actions.
  • Commercial copyright and moral rights remains with the author. 
  • The Universal Copyright Symbol, ©, must appear either on the title page or on the page immediately following, with the author's name and the year, for example,
© 2018, A. Scholar

Using previously published or copyrighted material

Using co-authored material


Avoiding plagiarism:

Copyright and Intellectual Property resources: