Eligibility FAQs

Contest Rules FAQs

Eligibility FAQs:

Q.: I am only available for some dates but not all - can I register?

A.: You must be available in person on all dates, including the training session. Please contact your department for support (for a list of the dates and times check out the full Competition schedule of events).

Q.: I have recently defended - am I eligible to participate?

A.: PhD and Master's students who have defended, but have not yet convocated, are eligible to participate, as long as they are registered in Winter 2018 term. 

Q.: I just finished my defense and deposited my thesis before the Phase I tuition refund deadline for Winter 2018 - am I eligible to participate?

A.: No, students who have met Phase I for Winter 2018 are not eligible to participate as they are no longer registered in Winter 2018 term. Note that students who have met Phase II are eligible to participate as they are still registered in Winter term 2018.

Q.: I haven't finished collecting my data - can I sign up?

A.: Contestants are expected to have made significant progress on their research and analysis. Your thesis or dissertation supervisor will be contacted to confirm if this applies in your case. If you have not completed collecting your data or have not started analysing the data you will most likely be ineligible to participate - contact your supervisor for their determination.

Q.: I am a Master's student writing a major paper - can I participate?

A.: Yes - if your program requires a major research paper rather than a thesis, you are also eligible to participate.

Contest Rules FAQs:

Q.: Am I allowed to use presentation notes, or does my presentation have to be completely from memory?

A.: Contestants are expected to have memorized their presentation. You are welcome to use notes but bear in mind that you will also be judged on your presentation engagement, eye contact, etc. For details check out the list of contest rules and judging criteria.

Q.: What happens if I go over 3 minutes?

A.: Presentations are limited to 3 minutes maximum and competitors exceeding 3 minutes will be allowed to finish but will be disqualified. A single warning signal will go off when you have 30 seconds left, and a bell will sound at the three-minute mark.

  • Note that there will be a time-keeper and a countdown timer will be displayed on a laptop in the front row. Before their presentation, each participant will be asked if they would like to have the timer facing them:
    • If a student does not want to see a countdown, the laptop will face the timekeeper.
    • If a student wants to be able to see the countdown timer, the timekeeper will simply angle the laptop slightly on the front row so both the student and the timekeeper can see it.

Q.: Can my presentation be in a poem, rap or song?

A.: No. The purpose of the 3MT is primarily to develop your oral presentation communication skills.

Q.: What is the dress code?

A.: Costumes are not allowed (including hats, masks, etc). There is no stipulated dress code requirement - you may wear what is comfortable for you, although we do recommend professional attire.

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