Graduate Student Conference Travel Support Fund

  • NOTE:  To accommodate the changeover to our new financial system no applications for this fund will be accepted between noon on January 5, 2018 and February 5, 2018.

Information on the revised process will be available in January 2018.

The Conference Travel Support Fund for graduate students is a partnership among the Faculty of Graduate Studies; the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation; the Deans; and the Graduate Student Society. 

  • Funds are available to full-time graduate students who have made presentations of their research at an academic conference.
  • The amount of each reimbursement will not exceed $500.00 CDN for travel within North America, and $750.00 CDN for travel outside of North America.
    1. Must show written proof that the presentation/poster was accepted by the conference organizers for presentations.
    2. Must have presented at the conference and must submit a completed Conference Travel Support Fund application to the Graduate Studies within 30 days of travel.
    3. Must be a full-time registered student at the time of the presentation at the conference.
    4. Master’s students are eligible for a maximum of one (1) reimbursement within the first 6 terms of registration-see note below*
    5. Doctoral students are eligible for a maximum of two (2) reimbursements within the first 12 terms of registration -see note below*

    *note: if you received support under the previous Conference Travel fund program (pre-2014) it will be counted towards the allowances outlined in 4. and 5. above

    1. Transportation: Actual costs incurred (not mileage). These must not exceed economy airfare.
    2. Accommodation: Room only; meals and beverages are not covered.
    3. Registration fees: Separate costs of conference dinners or party events are not covered.