Graduate Student Conference Travel Support Fund

Conference travel support fund - application form and instructions

The Conference Travel Support Fund for graduate students is a partnership among the Faculty of Graduate Studies; the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation; the Deans; and the Graduate Student Society. 

Funds are available to full-time graduate students who have made presentations of their research at an academic conference.

The amount of each reimbursement will not exceed $500.00 CDN for travel within North America, and $750.00 CDN for travel outside of North America.

  1. Must show written proof that the presentation/poster was accepted by the conference organizers for presentations.
  2. Must have presented at the conference and must submit a completed Conference Travel Support Fund application to the Graduate Studies within 30 days of travel.
  3. Must be a full-time registered student at the time of the presentation at the conference.
  4. Master’s students are eligible for a maximum of one (1) reimbursement within the first 6 terms of registration-see note below*
  5. Doctoral students are eligible for a maximum of two (2) reimbursements within the first 12 terms of registration -see note below*

*note: if you received support under the previous Conference Travel fund program (pre-2014) it will be counted towards the allowances outlined in 4. and 5. above

  1. Transportation: Actual costs incurred (not mileage). These must not exceed economy airfare.
  2. Accommodation: Room only; meals and beverages are not covered.
  3. Registration fees: Separate costs of conference dinners or party events are not covered.