Kinesiology wins teaching awards

The Twelfth Annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence was be held on Wednesday, November 22, from 4:00-6:00pm in the CAW Student Centre's Ambassador Auditorium.

This year, the Celebration included recognition for winners of departmental, faculty-level, and student-initiated teaching awards on campus, as well as campus-wide, provincial teaching awards.

The Department of Kinesiology was well represented with three award winners and one certificate granted to Kin faculty and students.Vicky Paraschak with Michael Khan and Alan WIldeman

Dr. Paraschak, winner of the Wayne Marino Teaching Excellence Award approaches her teaching in a non-traditional manner.

“Teaching, like all activities, is fundamentally a co-constructed process whereby I ‘see’ my students – their lives, their dignity, their experiences - and work with them to ‘see’ me, and the ideas I present, in relation to who they are now and might be in the future.” Paraschak adds, “So I see this teaching award as a co-award I share with the students I’ve taught, and especially those students who took time to write a letter of support for my teaching, for which I am deeply grateful.”

Kinesiology Ph.D student, Sara Santarossa was honoured for the GA Award recognizes GAs who contribute to a positive, learning-centred environment at the University.

Santarossa was humbled in winning theSara Santarossa with Patti Weir, Michael Khan, Sarah Woodruff, Alan Wildeman award as it was nominated by her faculty, peers, and students, “Receiving this award is not only humbling, and helps to verify that how I act and what I do as a GA makes an impact.” Santarossa continued with praise of the Faculty, “Winning the award also allows the rest of the University to see what we do at HK; how we teach and learn; how we care about each student.”

The evening was a shining example of how committed the University of Windsor is to the teaching of its students.


Winners from Kinesiology included:

Dr. Victoria Paraschak: Wayne Marino Faculty of Human Kinetics Teaching Excellence Award

Dr. Scott Martyn: Special Certificate for Exceptional Teaching, awarded by Beijing Sport University

Sara Santarossa:  University of Windsor GA/TA Award

Laura Chittle: University Teaching Certificate

Faculty of HK winners

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