Faculty of Human Kinetics building with students out front

Welcome to the Faculty of Human Kinetics.

The top priority in the Faculty of Human Kinetics is the success of our students. We have an outstanding reputation for producing graduates who are amongst the very best in Canada. It is certainly an exciting time for the Faculty given the recent influx of academic appointments and major investment in facilities. The energy and enthusiasm in the faculty is outstanding.

In both the Department of Kinesiology and Department of Athletics and Recreation Services we strive for the highest of standards in a manner that is enjoyable for both staff and students. In the pursuit of teaching, research and sporting excellence, it is our people and teamwork that count more than anything else.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs are student-centered and research driven to foster lifelong learning. Students are encouraged to extend their university experience beyond the classroom to both campus and community activities. The quality of university education has a major impact on future careers and it is our goal to prepare students for the challenges that lie ahead.

Dr. Michael Khan

Dr. Michael A. Khan
Dean, Faculty of Human Kinetics